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What are we?

We are a community of consultants, drawing strength from beeing a team.

We are not like any other consultancy firm taking cuts from your hourly rate. Everything here is based on fixed sums and you are free to join and leave, month by month, when you want.

If you are a freelance consult, we'll be your team to draw strenght from. A team to collaborate with, a team to have dinner with, a team to support you in your challenges. 

If you are a firm looking for consultants, each of us comes with a conection to each other. Hiring a solo consultant can be risky and if you are looking at someone in the community, you might be able to get more help, connections, if you go with a profile from us with a team in the background.



We where founded with a simple idea;
What if i was my own consultant, found my own clients, set my own negotiations, but i still wanted to be able to chat freely with a team and exchange knowlegde?

Oh well, lets set up a community them.
Build with contracts, and a truly online free atmosphere to experience things toghether. 
As a clients you get a team behind the consultant, and as a consultant you get a team behind your possible challenges.

Martin Lagus

Martin Lagus



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Reference from tooling:

Martin has helped me in my position as Atlassian Platform owner to create a framework that helps teams see the big picture and create an understanding of how their work contributes to the larger company goals. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about the Atlassian tools, which is a golden combination with his role as an agile coach. Understanding both the agile framework and the capabilities of tooling has helped us create a strong tooling experience with high value for both our engineers and senior leadership. Martin has strong ideas and finds creative ways to make them come to life.

Reference from music industry

I worked with Martin over a period of several months, when he supported us in improving our tools and processes. Martin is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all things related to Jira as well as agile ways of working. I always found it easy to work with Martin, as he is a good listener, flexible in changing tactics and always interested in reflecting on and improving his approach.