A Selection of what we do

For the consultant

Access to

- NDA that gives access & help from team.

- CoCo Email & Google Workspace (drive, docs, spreadsheets) 

- Confluence + Jira  - Knowledge share + work board.

- Teemyco - Virtual office productivity- audio, video-chat, direct messaging, stories, kudos hats, emojis, grow trust, awareness and empathy. A single space where the whole team can be together. Show availability, location, meeting status.

- Slack. Quick reach and forums.
- Culture clubs. Wanna go skiing? Apply for budget!

- Automated job agency search - Google search ad + linkedIn ads.

- Not beeing alone consultant and team dinners AWs

- ”job bank” of incoming jobs in support desk to match each profile


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For the clients


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Let's work together!

We are changing the format for consulting!