I'm Martin Lagus,
i build agile teams and agile structures.

12+ years experience in tech startups.

- Scrum, Kanban, Scaled agile methods
- Jira/Atlassian
- Team, Leadership and PM coaching
- WoW with KPIs and OKRs
- Steals from SAFe, LESS, Agile at Scale - adapt to your org, not the opposite.

I work to build a framework with a complete picture founded in agile values and enable the teams to see the big picture in their work. I work to enable transparency over any prioritisation that needs to be done between the teams and get better visuals and real data plans with large Initiatives the company and leadership is driving.
SAFe inspire, Agile at Scale inspire, scrum, kanban, retros, pulse meeting, health checks, team playbooks, SOD, DOD, WIP, and connection to OKRs - also looking at the department backlogs with PMs.

Is this you?

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